The Camper and Camping

Updated 25aug2018

Except as noted on some pictures, I've scaled all images to no more than 1024X768 in order to fit some monitors better and to help performance in page loading. I have all the high resolution original files and those can be made available by contacting me. I've broken out 2016 in order to keep pages small and it can be found here.

The trailer is a Work and Play 30WRS. It's probably too big for me at 36 feet, but if I want to haul the motorcycle and have reasonable amenities, it should work well.

There's a new page for Bicycling and kayaking here. I thought that the camper page was kind of losing track of it's subject. I want it to focus on the trailer and going from place to place (even though it will stay parked in one spot for the summer).

Woods-N-Waters Apr 2017

This time I went north to Flat Rock North Carolina, spent one night and went to Corbin, Ky, where I spent one night and beat feet to Indiana. Doing it this way certainly saves money and it's really not hard (as long as nothing breaks), but I liked spending an extra day here and there. Anyway, I planed to spend less time in Columbus (3 weeks) in order to get to Michigan earlier to begin work on a lot of projects. I still got in quite a few bike rides and had a pretty good time in Columbus.

Here's another batch. I want to do something separate with wildlife stuff like the raccoons and this crayfish thing. I'm also trying something new interleaving the phone and d10 pictures. It makes more sense, but it maybe more work than it's worth

Michigan May 2017

Ariving in Michigan 6 May. Different place for the trailer. Different challenges

Aubun Automobile Museum July 2017

It was supposed to be a nice day so I took the motorcycle to the car museum at Auburn Indiana. These are my pictures: . I had been there a couple of times and it amazes me how good it is, yet how few people i know have been there. This is also the first time I've up up so many pictures from a single event.

Back to reality

Here's a random possum

Let's do July, August, and September all at once

It's really busy and at least what I take pictures of is fun.

Florida October 2017

That was certainly fast. I left the trailer behind and rushed to Florida to help my nephew get moved into his new house. In the process I decided to spend the winter which has made life enourmously complicated. That's not an excuse for failing to keep these pages current, fact is I'm just plain lazy. I appologize for most pictures being taken with my phone. I still have the D10, but don't make much of an effort to have it with me. The image quality difference is small in my opinion and I need to shop for a small camera with features that will let me control focus, fstop, have remote shutter release, and a strobe. Yeah, it needs to be cheap too.

The place is pretty big and overgrown - what comes to mind is the word jungle. Many plants I'm not familiar with. Not that I haven't seen them before, but I've never been where I've had a reason to look at them in detail.

Getting used to Florida

I'm getting familiar with the area and more used to the new stuff (so maybe some fewer pictures than in the first month or so.

... and Back in Michigan April 2018

Florida Break Aug/Sep 2018

It's been on my list to get the motorcycle to Florida all summer. Aaron said he'd use the camper if I got it down. So sometime around the end of August I got everything together and headed south.

Back in Michigan

And back from the Balloon festival. The plan is to get my act together and head south before it gets too cold.

So Florida Again

A down and back to get the trailer and motorcycle to Florida. I think this is the end of 2018 pictures. Been an interesting year.

Bike Week

Mark got me out of the house and we went to Daytona to look at motorcycles. Some more practicle than others.


There are hundreds or maybe thousands of blogs and youtube channels devoted to RVs. I'm going to cite a few of them here. If anyone is interested, these will more than get you started. And to serve me as a reference when I'm on the road.