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I'm starting a music page. Because everyone (almost) loves music and i'm of the minority (a silent one apparently) that craves variety. i want to claw my brain out when i hear the same song 10 times a day or trivial variations thereof. i detest insipid, trite, and obvious lyrics. This list contains pices that to me are funny, different, and/or clever. It should be noted that i'm a hyuge fan of drdemento and if i haven't heard the artist or even these specific songs first on his show, i've at least acquired the music for myself and most of the time have it on CD. I was a member of eMusic for quite some time and downloaded a lot of material for which i don't have a CD. Then there's Turtle Services which should be checked out. I'll accumulate copies of these tunes in a directory on my own computer for easy reference and so i can easily make a playlist out of this stuff.

I think that current music publishers and maybe some of the artists are trying to bury music from the past because they don't make as much money from it. In fact I think the publishers are trying to manipulate what becomes popular in such a way that they can profit most. As a result what gets served up on the radio now that "... corporations own all the stations." is pretty awful.

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